Dundee Shipping is an international owner and operator of offshore and platform support vessels. Dundee Shipping, is a privately owned company registered in the United States, with offices in London, England, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The principal current areas of operation are in Brazil.

The company was founded in 2004 with the purchase of a single platform supply vessel for the Brazilian offshore market. The present fleet is comprised of platform support vessels, but the company is in the process of acquiring a larger platform support vessel with anchor-handling capabilities.
We intend to build out our fleet to carry out most of the tasks required in the oil fields of the world including supply, towing, anchor handling, ROV, survey and rescue. In addition to working with E&P companies, we are also equipped to carry-out deep-sea towage and salvage operations on behalf of clients in a multitude of different industries.
Our vessels are manned by experienced European and Brazilian professional seafarers who are dedicated to their profession. Our operational management team, which includes technical, logistics, and human resources, support the fleet activities on a day to day basis. We co-ordinate daily with vessel charterers and make on the spot decisions in support of customers.